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  • Highly effective defense strategies to neutralize overreaching claims efficiently

  • Identification of key information needed for clients to make informed decisions throughout a case

  • Proper risk analysis to accelerate case disposition without trial

  • Forceful trial presentation

Invited Speaker: James Kamanski has been an invited speaker at numerous events, including presenting to insurance industry claims professionals on bodily injury claims and litigation defense strategies at major insurance industry conferences such as the annual Combined Claims Conference in Southern California and annual Northern California Claims Conference. Presentations James has given to the insurance claims industry include:

"Bodily Injury Defense: Key Aspects and Strategies Every Claims Professional Should Know" -- Annual Combined Claims Conference, Anaheim, CA 2014

“Catastrophic Injury Defense, to Include Whether Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Actually Cause Ongoing Compensable Effects or are you Over-Paying?” -- Annual Combined Claims Conference, Long Beach, CA 2011

"Catastrophic Injury Defense, Including Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Claims" -- Annual Northern California Claims Conference, CA 2010